QMB at a glance
Founded on December 13th 2007, and established more than 540 branches across the country, The Qarz Al-Hasaneh Mehr Iran Bank (QMB) is the country's first specialized full-fledged Islamic bank specifically engaged in providing benevolent loan called “Qard al-hasanah” that is absolutely interest-free. However; the bank is permitted to charge a minimum service charge (4%) to cover the cost of its administrative fees. The loan is essentially granted to the legal and individual entities in dire need for either welfare purposes or for fulfilling short-term funding requirements.
Latest News
CEO visits the quake-hit areas in western Iran, expressing sympathy with the victims’ families: “The Qarz Al-Hasaneh Mehr Iran Bank immediately responded in the hardest-hit areas by distributing desperately needed items.” Dr. Morteza Akbari also regretted that “a lot of schools have been damaged”; however, he noted that “plans are already underway by QMB to rebuild them from scratch as by this, we are not only rebuilding schools, but also strengthening entire community.”
CEO says: “The Qarz Al-Hasaneh Mehr Iran Bank (QMB), alongside the government, helps to restore health services after the devastating earthquake in Kermanshah province. Currently, QMB is looking at how to better support the reconstruction of health facilities as well as the rehabilitation of services.”
In support of the recent deadly earthquake victims in western Iran, The Qarz Al-Hasaneh Mehr Iran Bank (QMB) has arranged reconstructions of 3 schools in quake-affected localities!
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