QMB at a glance

Having been supervised by the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran, QMB operates as a specialized bank in the area of granting loan facilities in the monetary and financial system of the country in order to meet the urgent needs of the individuals and support the vulnerable people of the community. Our unflagging commitment through 11 years of work has been to ensure that the delivery of financial services benefits the Iranian people and fulfills its promise of alleviating poverty.


Consolidated Statistics Last Updated on May 08, 2019


Total Number of Employees2,934

Total Number of Branches530

Total Number of Accounts Opened6,325,788

Total Number of Current Accounts593,330

Total Number of Savings Accounts5,678,376

Total Number of Special Accounts54,082

Total Number of ATMs960

Total Amount Granted so far (end of April, 2019): 360,000 billion IRR  

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