About QMB

Good Name is more than Goodness; QMB cares for those in need!

The Qarz Al-Hasaneh Mehr Iran Bank, abbreviated as QMB, was first founded on December 13th 2007. As the first and the largest Qard al-hasanah (No Interest-bearing) bank operating in the Islamic Republic of Iran, QMB specializes in making interest free loans to applicants from all different walks of life in such areas as job creation, subsistence, marriage and medical treatment with the aim of empowering the disadvantaged groups so as to help eradicate poverty and economic deprivation especially in the deprived areas of the country. To that end, there are several schemes for the various strata of the society so that everyone can resolve their financial problems by receiving an appropriate loan. The bank has been generating income by charging loan service fees an annual rate of zero-to-four-percent for the services rendered covering all the expenses, administrative charges and operational costs of the loan transactions.


Consolidated Statistics Last Updated on May 08, 2019

Total Number of Employees2,934

Total Number of Branches530

Total Number of Accounts Opened6,325,788

Total Number of Current Accounts593,330

Total Number of Savings Accounts5,678,376

Total Number of Special Accounts54,082

Total Number of ATMs960

Total Amount Granted so far (end of April, 2019): 360,000 billion IRR  

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