Strategic Plan

As mentioned in the Qur’an on numerous occasions, it is believed that Gharz Al-Hasanah helps to alleviate poverty by helping those in real need, and effectively improving the condition of society. Moreover, it provides the economically disadvantaged with the opportunity to improve their own standard of living and, in turn, enables a more equal distribution of income and wealth.
Based on the belief above, Qarz Al-Hashaneh Mehr Iran bank (QMB), as a financial service provider, aims at spreading principles of Qarz Al-Hasanah culture in order to broaden and promote this good tradition in the society while taking the following code of conducts into considerations:
1. Creating sustainable values for customers and shareholders on the basis of the fundamental standards of customer-orientation and customer satisfaction, trust building, and assuming the social responsibility.

2. Promoting the interest-free culture and the unique name of the bank.

3. Granting Qarz Al-Hasanah (interest-free) loans to meet the essential needs of the people.

4. Being blessed with the economic and social discipline, accountability, confidentiality, reliance and non-disclosure of confidential information of customers.

5. Full compliance with directives and circular letter of the central bank of Iran as well as the country's economic system.

6. Applying electronic banking technology in accordance with the international standards and striving to raise its level.

7. Being open to comments, suggestions and constructive criticism in order to improve the quality of the bank’s services.
8. Publicizing the Qarz Al-Hashanah culture across the whole world. 

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