Types of Accounts

1. Gharz Al-Hasanah Current Accounts:
The Current Account is an interest-free account, and all the checks presented to the bank are honored at all the branches all over the country.
2. Gharz Al-Hasanah Savings Accounts:
Our Savings Accounts do not bear any interest! You may refer to one of the branches of the bank, present the necessary documents (original and copies of the applicant’s national ID card), fill out a few forms and deposit an anticipated minimum amount ($15.18) in order to open a Gharzolhassaneh savings account with QMB. All the services including internet banking, telephone banking, mobile banking and SMS banking except the services connected with checks are provided for the holders of Gharzolhassaneh Savings Account.
3. Gharz Al-Hasanah Special Accounts:
This type of account which is also interest-free is for philanthropists and benefactors who aim to help the needy through the bank rather than on their own.
NB: You don't have to go to our branches in person to open an account anymore! You can have round-the-clock access to all our banking services online in order to open an account with us.

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