Current Account Loan for Natural Persons

This scheme provides a unique opportunity for natural persons with a current account with The Qarz Al-Hasaneh Mehr Iran Bank (QMB) in order to build their average account balance credit scores required for taking out loans. Every individual including physicians, attorneys, university professors, engineers, teachers, music instructors, students, athletes, salespeople, guilds, technicians, and artists, among others can open an interest-free current account and enjoy the benefits such as cheque books and credit cards as well as all the other banking services such as online shopping, POS, ATM, wire transfer using PAYA and SATNA platforms, online banking, mobile banking, etc. Then, after three months from opening their account, they can benefit from the interest-free loans of the bank depending on their average credit score. The loan cap per person is 200 million IRR, and the excess credit scores are transferable to the account holder's first-degree (immediate) relatives and spouse in case the personal cap is exceeded.

In the meantime; applicants can receive a new loan equivalent to the difference between the individual cap (currently 200 million IRR) and their remaining debt to the bank. Applicants can check their average balance either online at in the “calculate average balance” section or visit one of our 530 branches.

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