Two-in-One (A No Guarantor Instant Loan)

A No Guarantor Instant Loan
Applicants of Two-in-One scheme are going to receive two interest-free loans backed by their account balance. In this scheme, depositors open an account and deposit a sum to immediately receive a loan of up to 95% of the initial deposit without a guarantor. The first loan is granted with a 1% service charge, and the second loan is proportional to the client's average score and includes a 4% service charge. The first loan is payable one day after filing the request and can amount up to 95% of the initial deposit with a 1.5 billion IRR cap. However, the second loan is based on the average balance left in the account and the monthly repayment of the first loan. The second loan, financed by the bank, has a 200 million IRR cap per person.

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