Mehr Atieh Novin (Modern Promising Outlook) Savings

Secure Your Future Welfare with QMB's Mehr Atieh Novin Savings Plan:

All of us are concerned about future. Every day, in search of a pledge for tomorrow's comfort, people seek ways to reduce uncertainties about their own and their families' future. As a result, planning for the future based on personal resources can undoubtedly bring much more relief to our lives. However, that may not be possible unless a method is found to approach our mental image of comfort and that is why QMB, as welfare oriented bank, has never restrained from contributing to future-building welfare plans, committing itself to make loans that suit the low/middle-income individuals and vulnerable groups of the society in order to enhance their livelihood.

The Mehr Atieh Novin Savings Scheme targets a handful of groups. The first group is parents who are concerned about their children's uncertain future and are willing to invest in their children's future. As for the second group, the plan targets students planning to start their own business in the future after finishing their education. The third group includes employees concerned about covering their future expenses. The scheme comes with a 4% service charge and customer-specific average-building term that can be extended for up to ten years. Accordingly, job and value creation are the most important goals of this plan.

The repayment term can last up to 60 months from the loans granted at the end of the third, sixth, and tenth years. For example, if a customer chooses to pay a monthly installment of 1 million IRR with a 10% annual increase rate, they will be entitled to up to 1.23 billion IRR in a loan with a 36-month repayment term, or up to 730 million IRR with a 60-month repayment term by the end of the tenth year.
QMB offers Mehr Atieh Novin loans based on current and future state of affairs, prioritizing job creation and value in order to guarantee the future welfare for individuals. In this plan, applicants can achieve the required average score in the medium and long term by making regular monthly or annual deposits. Every family, depending on their financial capacity, can envision a prosperous future for their children and themselves. For this purpose, you need to first open a special account for Mehr Atieh Novin Savings Plan at QMB in your own or another person's name through making regular monthly or annual deposits of a fixed sum over a set period or at once. Given that; you can keep on building your average account balance for up to 10 years and receive loans with a repayment term of up to 60 months. The loans scheduled for the third, sixth, and tenth years are calculated based on the account balance at the end of the year with a 4% service charge.

A review of the objectives of the Mehr Atieh Novin Savings Plan reveals its broad scopes that cover much more than the three discussed groups. Any person concerned about their quality of life in the future can rely on this plan to secure their future.

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