HamYaran-e Mehr

QMB’s Online Crowdfunding Platform for Granting Charitable Loans In Support of Benevolence

A Reliable Backbone for the Underprivileged


“HamYaran-e Mehr” Scheme under the motto (Together We Share Blessings) is the first Donor-Advised Funds (DAF) in Iran and QMB is the only promoter of this Donor-Oriented Product in the country. The scheme has been carried out as a fundraising drive and formulated for the voluntary and charitable donations from well-wishing philanthropists relieving them of many of the hassles of running a foundation so as to let the bank help those that need it most in the form of interest free loans.

As a modernized means of altruistic acts and charitable deeds through a very novel online system, the financial resources are provided to a bank by benefactors to finance loans to the indigent. The charitable funds go to the intended beneficiaries of the benefactors. As a matter of fact, though “HamYaran-e Mehr” Scheme financial aids are provided to thousands instead of a few.

In this scheme, instead of direct donation to the indigent, benefactors can open a special account that allows funds to be used for making interest-free loans that will be paid back to the bank in installments for later loans, upholding the chain. That is, instead of endowing their funds, benefactors donate them by depositing in an account supporting loans to the needy. The bank, relying on these financial resources, will commit to making loans to the low-income members of the community to create jobs, maintain health care and socially empower the disadvantaged bread-winning working single women, discovert (not under the protection of a spouse) in dysfunctional families; the financially independent girls who have never gotten married are given the priority to get the bank loans. In addition, renovating and developing the less privileged rural areas across Iran are high on the agenda of this scheme.

 “HamYaran-e Mehr”; a morale booster we may need to bolster more than ever before:

“HamYaran-e Mehr” Scheme  allows the perpetuation of a single charitable deed as the funds are presented to those in financial need as loans, when returned in installments, will be provided to others. We can only offer these services through generous donations to a worthy cause in order to make our vision a reality by changing lives with one interest-free loan at a time!

Culture building; Eternal Charitable & Benevolent Acts of everlasting good deeds of the deceased

In Circulation:

Striving in serving the public for the purpose of winning their satisfaction is counted as benevolent acts of everlasting good deeds. As the only developer of this product, QMB has had several other objectives in initiating this social movement too. For instance; the aids in "HamYaran-e Mehr” Scheme" even includes such acts as donating part of the memorial service, funeral and commemoration expenses; for example, for the peace of the soul of the deceased, instead of purchasing flower bouquets for laying a wreath at a memorial service which is typically arranged as a sign of respect and remembrance for a person who has died or the expenses of obituary notice, QMB submits a slip called "HamYaran-e Mehr Wishing God's Mercy for a Deceased Person Card” for applicants applying online or at one of the branches. This puts the spirit of the deceased in a peace and a smile on the face of a person in need. Applicants can donate their sums through a contract of settlement by depositing it in a special account at QMB. The bank then allocates the donations to making loans at a rate as low as 0-2% for the administrative fees and operational costs of the loan transactions.

Last but not least, by creating a framework for acts of benevolence and modernizing charitable contribution through innovative methods to facilitate charity for benefactors while increasing the added value, QMB has paved the way for its patrons to benefit from the spiritual and otherworldly traces in the long run with eternal bliss while assuring better heavenly reward in this world and in the Hereafter.


The sums collected in the “HamYaran-e Mehr are used in the following areas:

·         Youth employment

·         Female heads of household employment

·         Health and medicine

·         Financially-faltering inmates to be released

·         Prisoners of unintentional money-related crimes and their families benefit from the bank’s interest-free loans

·         Development of rural areas and underdeveloped regions


What are the benefits?

As the contributions collected are granted to the needy people in the form of interest-free loans, at the same time the repayments of their installments are going to be allocated to other people. As a result, this cycle repeats and you help innumerable persons in need for an indefinite time instead of few.

Can the usage of donations be decided?

Yes, by participating in the project, you can choose the province or town where you wish your donations to go through. This feature is useful for those who are aware of insufficiencies in certain regions and wish to help them through their contributions.

Can we introduce a person in need?

Yes. After participating in the project you can introduce a person in need. The bank will provide them with loans after assessing their financial status. If not knowing a needy person, you can delegate the task to the bank to distribute the aids among other persons in need. In this case, following the payment of each loan a message is sent to you to inform you of the payment. In the meantime, charity organizations and NGOs can also participate in the “HamYaran-e Mehr in order to introduce the poor in their target population for receiving an interest-free loan.

Become a Donor Today:

To support the cause, please visit our website at www.qmb.ir/hamyaran or make your donations at any of our 530 branches across Iran to step in this path of mutual love. Even a small donation can do a lot of good. We are grateful for your act of kindness and hope you have your heavenly reward with Allah the Almighty.

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